The Shocking Truth Behind Collagen Body Lotion And Creams

The Shocking Truth Behind Collagen Body Lotion And Creams 1

How would it feel to listen to that the much respected and cherished top quality body lotions and creams that you were utilizing since years were actually cheating you in the name of Collagen and Elastin? It feels surprising, but its true. I will offer you scientific evidence for this. How exactly does it feel to hear that the much trusted and cherished branded body lotions and creams that you were utilizing since years were actually cheating you in the name of Collagen and Elastin? The overall and prevalent belief locally is that body creams made up of Collagen and Elastin as active ingredients help in making the skin firm, toned and healthy.

But this is far from the reality, the truth is that collagen and elastin are absolutely worthless when put into anti ageing skin care lotions. The sign of healthy skin is that it is pliant- that is if it’s pulled by you, it snaps back to it former form then. Unlike aging skin which sags or wrinkles even if not pulled.

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Aging epidermis becomes youthless because of the depletion of two vital proteins – collagen and elastin. It is because they are the essential proteins that keep our skin healthy, tone, company and flexible. The simple reason collagen and elastin are useless in topical body creams is basically because their molecules are too big to be soaked up in the skin. These are so large that they can’t even penetrate the skin which is the topmost coating of our skin.

And besides that, the complicated structure of the proteins makes them practically impossible to be assimilated by our body even if taken orally by means of pills. So, it goes to say that hardly any money spent on body lotions with collagen and elastin is just a sheer waste. How do you get the fresh epidermis that i’d like Then?

The answer still is based on collagen and elastin. After lot of Research, I’ve discovered that we now have certain natural chemicals which are medically proven to promote your body’s own creation of collagen and elastin! It can be topically applied on your skin, and it stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin. Moreover, the , THE BURKHA is unacquainted with these discoveries still. People are suffering from falsehoods and a general lack of understanding of the actual facts behind this.

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