Gordon Brown Steps DIRECTLY INTO Rescue Labour’s Failing EU Campaign

Gordon Brown Steps DIRECTLY INTO Rescue Labour's Failing EU Campaign 1

Gordon Brown can make an extraordinary go back to front-line politics tomorrow when he makes a last-ditch bid to save Labour’s failing campaign to keep Britain in the EU. The former primary minister will promise extra support for communities facing pressure from migration within a relaunch of the party’s pro-EU marketing campaign that he hopes will win over the party’s traditional supporters.

It is a impressive move that is likely to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, that has come under intense fire for failing to persuade Labour voters to back again residing in the EU. He was condemned for not devoting enough time or work on the EU campaign after making a bizarre appearance on Channel 4’s comedy show The Last Leg on Friday night. There were even reports that Labor staff had been reduced to tears over his lackluster work in the advertising campaign up to now and a poll that suggested nearly fifty percent of Labor voters were backing Brexit. If the pound falls, so what? In or out of the EU, what happens next?

Share 172 shares Mr Brown said he previously worked with Mr. Corbyn and deputy innovator Tom Watson to forge a fresh advertising campaign strategy with just 10 days to go until the June 23 referendum. The previous primary minister said Labor’s new pitch would include ‘how we reduce the pressure in areas where there have been high degrees of migration’ through specific financial support from Brussels for schools and medical service. Mr Brown is understanding to really have the support of David Cameron amid worries that the Remain marketing campaign has been overshadowed by bitter infighting between competitors in the Tory party.

Mr Cameron is defined to take a back chair in a co-ordinated work to change the concentrate of the battle to Labour battlegrounds and woo undecided voters – many of whom are apparently put off by the Prime Minister’s methods. The campaign is concerned that the blue-on-blue civil battle has put-off Labor voters who could be persuaded to vote towards EU membership. Meanwhile the existing Labor management attempted to regain the initiative today, with shadow chancellor John McDonnell condemning the negative strategy pursued by Mr George and Cameron Osborne. All change: He winces as he switches back into his normal attire then, right, mouths ‘Showtime!

Deputy head Tom Watson informed Labor voters the EU referendum is ‘too important to send a sign to David Cameron’. A post-Brexit squeeze on the public finances could lead to charges for GP appointments and NHS hospital stays, Today Labor warned. Amid concerns the party’s core support has been drawn increasingly towards a Leave vote, the Opposition is stepping up warnings of the prospect of the united states being run with a right-wing Eurosceptic Conservative government. Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander said: ‘If we leave Europe, most experts agree that the overall economy will suffer and this would mean a straight deeper black hole in NHS funds. This translates into staff cuts, service charges or closures being launched.

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