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Instead of the Q&A this week, I needed to share information from a recently issued press release about the RX Systems PF’s Glycolic Peels. With the summer almost over, now is a perfect time to think about how to minimize the damage that is done by too much sun exposure within the last couple of months. The harsh summer months sun can be damaging to delicate facial skin, leaving it wrinkled, rough, and unevenly toned.

Rx Systems PF founder, Dr. Lawrence Samuels. Having cosmeceutical products that are pH-balanced is vital to maintaining healthy skin. The pH of the skin is important, because it is responsible for managing the biologic environment of the skin. The pH is important in cell growth, cell metabolism, the focus and biologic activity of substances, enzymatic activity, antioxidant activity, skin exfoliation, cell hydration and glandular secretion.

H is the thermostat that handles the “weather” of the skin and regulates biologic activity, focus, potency, and medical advantage of all the important molecules present in your skin. Glycolic acid has the smallest molecular size of all the alpha hydroxy acids, and can penetrate deeper in to the skin. It works to loosen and dissolve the glue-like chemical that holds the outer level of cells to each other and also to the root epidermis.

These piled-up, clinging epidermis cells cause the appearance of dry, tough skin consistency and brown areas from sun harm. Glycolic acid loosens the lifeless skin cells, which block the pores and cause acne. When used regularly, glycolic acid continues keeping the pores clear to prevent acne from reoccurring. Glycolic acid affects the deeper layers of the skin by regenerating elastin and collagen. Production of both of these firming components of the skin is significantly reduced with overexposure to sunlight. Regeneration reduces the looks of fine lines and deeper lines and wrinkles caused by premature aging from sun damage, while tightening up your skin.

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Rx Systems PF’s Glycolic Peels should be employed only by a tuned skin care professional. Some six peels, spaced in 7- to 14-day intervals, is preferred to attain the best results. The first Glycolic Peel will be performed using 30% glycolic acid. Usage of length and pressure of software time may be increased with each additional peel off, according to specific skin type. A series of six peels is complete Once, maintenance peels shall maintain the pores and skin’s healthy appearance. The time frame for receiving the maintenance peels is individualized according to age and skin type. To accomplish maximum skin rejuvenation, Glycolic Peels should be utilized in mixture with Rx Systems PF’s home care program. Glycolic acid does not make the skin photosensitive, however, glycolic peel off treatments should be used together with an easy spectrum sunscreen always.

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