March 2019 / Accounting-Management

March 2019 / Accounting-Management 1

The term “funds” has more than one meaning. In its slim sense, the term funds is used to indicate cash, for the most part people believe that cash and money are the same thing. In other word, the net working capital is the surplus of current assets over current liabilities. In money-flow statement, the term funds is used to mean online working capital, as it is closely related to the working cycle of the business.

5 million tax free, which should cover the house. My husband and I have a rental with a home loan. We bought this about 16 years back. Our child is the only person who has lived in this home. She’s always paid the rent which includes the taxes and insurance. Our home is paid. If we put her name on the title and deed on the rental would that make it legal to document a homestead on the local rental?

Thank you Sherry Baker…I know I have to talk with a bank or investment company to see easily can add her name. My mother and I are both on the name of the house. The homely house is paid. My mother is also abusive and I am disabled. She has threatened to get a lawyer and throw me out of the house.

Can she lawfully do this, when I reside in the homely house, maintain it, have made multiple improvements to it and continue steadily to intend to make further improvements. For a while I did so not reside there and my mother allowed a tenant to move in who was coping drugs out of our home. She didn’t advise me about this decision and then stated I had developed no privileges to be involved as to who rents the house.

If my mom allowed to remove me from name simply because she desires to harm me? I put my three daughters on my deed as joint tenants. One girl wants me to market so she can get “her share” inside your home. must I sell the house? Can she is taken by me off the Deed?

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I now need the cash since I am 66 years of age want to sell. She stated I can’t because her name is on the deed…she didn’t give any money to the purchase. My father owned a home and put my brother’s name on the deed for homestead exemption purposes and my dad died, would you the house go to?

Can I sell my house at what I own but not the value? I’ve a physical abusive man used to be physical but now very noisy verbal and I am looking to get out. I want to change my half to my child who has resided around 42 yrs.

Without costing anything. How can I get out of the homely house and put my child’s name on my part Fifty percent? I am my mother’s POA (durable). She possesses a homely house in Texas and her name is on the deed. No home loan is acquired by her. She lives in the homely home with my sister who cares for her. I bought the house as my mother’s POA in the past.