Is Investment Banking A Good Career Choice FOR FUTURE YEARS?

Is Investment Banking A Good Career Choice FOR FUTURE YEARS? 1

Thank you for the question. If you’re interested in deciphering the vocabulary of money and making additional money out of confirmed amount for yourself and for others, a career in investment banking is apt for you. Investment banking is fundamentally a job that requires complementing the prospects of people who have the investment with people who need that investment. Investment bank vegetation up at various stages of a business enterprise – initiating from the conceptualizing stage, growing capital for you to get listing at the stock marketplaces.

An aspirant looking for a profession in investment banking requires good quantitative skills as major quality. But she/he needs much more than just quantitative ability to succeed in the field – exceptional sales knowledge and a capability to show people your vision is important too. From that always being sharpened Apart, burning up the midnight light and being dedicated is necessary.

The rewards for those who make it in this grueling grind are huge reward packages which can be extremely generous, allowing a successful banker to build good wealth within a relatively short period of time. Studying in a top-ranking B School in India is definitely an investment anywhere between Rs.

  • Premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for the life of the plan
  • Is the exit plan well described
  • Gold, magic or platinum bullion
  • 2011-2012 Tax Planning Guide
  • The interest rate is 8.75% per annum which is compounded yearly

15 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakh. Luckily Finance graduates from these colleges are placed and internationally with great offers nationally. For example, in 2014, IIM-A recorded the highest salary given at Rs 1.1 crore for International placements; and Rs 56 lakh for nationwide placements. An MBA with Finance is yet a generic field which doesn’t exclusively focus on the intricacies of the fund.

While it’ll get you into a good investment profession, to gain an edge and understand intricacies of investment bank, a degree in CFA is preferred. CFA means Chartered Financial Analyst, a charter which is granted by CFA Institute (USA). A certificate from CFA shows that a person has spent a reasonable time to comprehend the deeper intricacies of financial evaluation.

It is one of the toughest examinations to complete with only 50% applicants passing the finals. The competitive intensely, result-oriented, profit-seeking universe of investment bank is a place where offers are done and fortunes are created in another and in the next, you run the opportunity of too dropping everything.