Do You Know WHY?

Do You Know WHY? 1

I love almost anything Mally makes as well as for as long as I’ve known about her brand I’ve needed a liquid base from her. December 9th and sold-out the same day This foundation shown on QVC prior to the day was even over (I think it sold-out around 3 or 4pm Eastern Time; could have been earlier).

I ordered this basis without ever seeing a demonstration or reading the description. Did it surpass all the enthusiasm I had for this? You need to read my review by the end of the post. Plus, I’ve included a Mally Beauty FOTD using all Mally Cosmetics (aside from my brows). Here are all three Before & Afters in one pic for easier evaluation; click to view it larger.

40 (1 fl oz full size). On QVC’s website. This is Mally’s first liquid foundation and Personally I think it lives up to her products expectations, although I think the formulation has room for improvement truthfully. I have no idea too much about the formulation because QVC doesn’t list a lot of info on their website, but by looking at the ingredients I can tell you this is a silicone (cyclopentasiloxane) and water based foundation.

Medium buildable coverage; it isn’t “complete coverage” as listed on QVC’s website — but a lot of foundations in regular markets aren’t complete coverage that state to be. You can find few that are like this; I only own one which truly lives up to that complete coverage name (Illuminare Extra Coverage Foundation — which I significantly need to re-review for you all, including a before & after). I wouldn’t necessarily call this full coverage either, but also for many it may be the entire coverage they’ve been looking for.

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For gals like me, who’ve plenty of flaws to hide, you’ll still need to set this with a concealer and perhaps build the coverage in areas of concern. Average to above average wear, depending on your skin-layer type and how you decide to set your basis. More details about how it lasted on me in my review. Offered in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, or Rich.

I find the shade Medium, which is what I usually choose with Mally’s products. It is effective on me, although I feel it could be a little darker than her typical Medium shades just. 40 (1 fl oz full size). On QVC’s website. Although at that time I wrote this short article it was completely sold out.