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Have you always needed to start your own business? USA TODAY and small-business columnist Rhonda Abrams, author of Six-Week Start-Up, will help you get started. Click for a step-by-step tutorial that includes videos here, tips, worksheets, audio, and more about how exactly to show your idea into a money-making business. Advisor/Counselor: has significant experience and knowledge that others are prepared to pay for. Gaining the trustworthiness had a need to star in this E-type takes time, however the best of the greatest control high fees.

•Click here for more with this E-type. Builder/Creator: excels at making things, be it paintings, wedding cakes, or skyscrapers. Starting out can be sluggish – it takes time to become established in this E-type. But long-term rewards can be great. •Click here for more on this E-type. Caregiver/Maintainer: capable of providing constant, reliable, nurturing treatment to others.

Often, the ongoing work is hard, and the pay is low, but also for this special kind of person, job satisfaction is what matters. •Click here for more with this E-type. Communicator/Trainer: remarkably good with words – whether written or verbal – and excels at communicating complex suggestions to others. Competition in these fields is brutal, but so is demand.

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• Click here for more with this E-type. Entertainer/Host: thrives on being with – or before – other folks. This outgoing person enjoys the spotlight, can order the attention of an loves and audience making others happy. •Click here for more on this E-type. Investor/Owner: good with amounts, good with money, prepared to take calculated risks carefully, and has available (or can raise) investment money.

The dangers and rewards can be great. • Click here for more with this E-type. Organizer/Administrator: keeps things running like clockwork. They excel at managing multiple duties, details, and deadlines. They don’t have to be the star of the show, but without them, there is no show. •Click here for more with this E-type.

Seller/Broker: an enviable E-Type. The assistance is needed by Every industry of experienced salespeople. Good Seller/Brokers can make a nice living; great ones can earn more income than nearly every other E-Type. • Just click here for more on this E-type. Technologist/Engineer: the individual who designs, makes, sells, or services those gadgets ordinary people need but can’t figure out. They, of course, are paid well, but competition gets fiercer. •Click here for more on this E-type.