How Long WILL IT Take To Build A Custom App?

Your company wants a custom app for that? It is possible – and not simply if you’re the CIO of a large bucks company. New advances in app-building technology have reduced the price of making apps, and the time and knowledge to make, deploy and test them, too. Beware the 9 warning signs of bad IT architecture and understand why these 10 old-school IT concepts still rule. Join CIO news letters. Rebecca Wettemann, vice chief executive of research, business applications, with Nucleus Research. App development can be considered a drag and drop process, which enables a continuing business user to make the application themselves.

Not every company will go this route, but this means that applications are occurring – and faster – whether they’re being built by employees not in the IT department, programmers, or both. The reason for this mixing of application development isn’t only because of tools that make it easier, but because it makes the finish user – the one who understands what she or he needs — area of the process.

Ann Monroe, mature director of marketing of FileMaker. For FileMaker’s 2016 “State of the Custom App” survey, they surveyed 490 of their customers and discovered that 52 percent built custom applications in less than three months. They found that 82 percent of customers built their applications internal, but only ten percent of total respondents said that apps were built by in-house IT.

Only18 percent outsourced the work to a custom developer. Related: Where do mobile applications fit in the world of organization software? This doesn’t mean that designers will be shutting their doors anytime soon, but it does mean the process of creating an app isn’t just their purview anymore, and could lead to more collaborative initiatives with the end users. A base of knowledge about application buildings means that their jobs are easier, too.

They don’t need to start from scratch any more either. Gautam Agrawal, mature director of product management at Sencha, a supplier of cross-platform mobile app development tools. He says that app development times also have slipped because most testing is done before users ever see an app, where it used to be the other way around.

This reduced cost and time also makes creating what Wettemann phone calls the “disposable” application possible because they take less time and money. By “disposable,” she means something that’s come up with for a short period of time, or a one-time purpose like a meeting or sales initiative. Not only are apps being developed faster, but the demand for fast applications is greater too.

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A study 2015 Sencha conducted with Forrester Consulting called “The Rise of Web Technology” found that apps are anticipated to be created over a shorter timeline with out a corresponding increase in developer activity. The analysis also found that 43 percent of companies expected to see a rise of 50 percent or better in technical complexity of web and mobile apps. This pressure for complex apps to be available can have business units turning to third-party applications readily.

Making sure It really is dealing with employees to meet their application needs is vital, says Wettemann, not from an administrative position but from a security position just, too. That could imply introducing third-party applications to the system that are not up to your company’s security requirements, which presents a big risk.

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