Investment Club Limited Liability Company COMPLETE! Investment Club LLC Formations

Investment Club Limited Liability Company COMPLETE! Investment Club LLC Formations 1

ASSET PROTECTION Corporation vs. Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. AROUND THE AIR with Larry Spiegel and web host Joe Castello. WHAT’S VITAL THAT YOU YOU? Phone, or Online. It’s easy. And you’ll save a substantial amount of money. OUR GOAL-YOUR Complete Satisfaction and Understanding Our goal is to provide your clients with as much information as it can be about starting an Investment Club Limited Liability Company.

As you will notice as you review the following material, there’s a complete lot of information to digest and consider. Many legal aspects may be complex and confusing. WHAT’S AN INVESTMENT CLUB LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY? Perhaps you have thought about earning money but weren’t sure how to take action? The beauty of the Investment Club is that everyday people can combine their resources to generate income in an effective, low-priced way.

An Investment Club is an organization of people who pool their money to make investments. Each member actively participates in investment decisions. After the members study different investments, the group decides to buy or sell predicated on many vote of the members. Club meetings focus on investment education and each member actively participates in investment decisions. What’s the best business entity for an Investment Club? Most likely the Limited Liability Company.

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For Federal taxes purposes, an LLC, just like a partnership or exclusive proprietorship, is a pass-through entity; thus, it is income and losses are taxed only at the known member level. However, all known members of the LLC, like the shareholders of the S corporation, have limited responsibility for the claims and debts against the LLC.

No member will be burdened with the non-public liability. An Investment Club LLC can have only one Member to start with or as many as 100, but no more than 100 Members. The Members of the LLC become owners of the business by placing capital (making a “Capital Contribution”) into the Company in trade for Ownership Units. Ownership Units will entitle an associate to an allocation of earnings and loss of the business related to investments, but the Club itself does not have any income and the Members are evaluated operating expenditures. 25.00 per Ownership Unit with a limit of just one 1-Ownership Unit per Member.

For example, one founding Member may be released to an Ownership Unit and therefore be the only real owner with a 100% Membership interest. Later, 3 additional Members may sign up for the Investment Club LLC so that all has 1-Ownership Unit and each has a 25% Membership curiosity about the Investment Club LLC.