5 Ways Your Attitude Can Cost You The Job

5 Ways Your Attitude Can Cost You The Job 1

You will have been successful, to this point in your job search because you’ve given them a good first impression. Do not let any of the next 5 actions show a bad perspective to the interviewer. Based on your perspective the interviewer may decide not to hire you. This determination could be made without you ever saying a word. Actions (non-verbal communication) communicate louder than phrases. If you display any of these fallacious actions at an interview, you’re telling the interviewer not to hire you.

Being late for the interview- Be prepared through the use of your planning and time-management expertise. Being late for an interview shows poor time administration. You should always arrive at the interview 10-15 minutes before time. Getting lost is not any excuse, print out the directions from Yahoo or Google driving instructions.

Poor or inappropriate appearance- Your clothes reflect your angle. Look skilled on the interview take away any body jewelry(No piercings). Men should wear a shirt and tie with costume slacks. Women have a number of extra choices, they can wear a dress, enterprise suit with a skirt or pants. If you’re put on a gown or skirt wear pantyhose. Don’t wear a lot Cologne or perfume.

Do not use tobacco, alcohol, or medicine previous to the interview. Most employers have insurance policies that prohibit drug use of their employees. Never put on sandals. Your sneakers must be polished. Women should not put on open-toe shoes. Get a good night’s relaxation doesn’t present up looking sleepy or drained. Weak or “wet fish” handshake – This gesture is important because it officially signals the beginning of the interview. After the interviewer extends their hand smile and shake their hand.

  • Follow any instructions given
  • Writing and Submission of Articles
  • Identify Retina Ready Portfolio Theme
  • Multiple text styles on a single web page (left-aligned, justified, and so on.)
  • One… Final… Call-to-Action
  • Good judgment in sharing solely public information—including financial data
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You need your handshake to be firm and not overpowering. Failure to look directly at the interviewer- If you don’t maintain eye contact with the interview it could be perceived as you are not fascinated within the job or dishonest. Good eye contact reveals that you are actively listening to what’s being said.

Lack of Maturity – Not being prepared for the interview demonstrates an absence of maturity, merely meaning you aren’t prepared for the job you utilized for. Failure to be prepared is being late for the interview. Not researching the corporate culture and exhibiting up for the interview with poor or inappropriate look, displays an absence of maturity. Showing a lack of tact or utilizing unhealthy manners. Not greeting the receptionist. Failing to thank the interviewer your their time. All these actions show a scarcity of maturity and could price you the job.

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