The Skinny On Price Tags

The Skinny On Price Tags 1

I think it’s safe to presume we all love pretty packaging. After all who doesn’t? As vintage sellers we spend a lot of time creating visually appealing booth areas. So why not go the extra mile and add a unique tag that compliments your design style. We recently managed a thread on our Facebook page and asked sellers to talk about their price tags with everyone. We’d a great response and found out a whole lot of folks create their prices.

There are several ways of carrying this out. Some dealers are employing at home software programs like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro etc. They generate a design using the pc and then print them at home or keep these things professionally printed. Unless you have of these programs easily available, you will get free editing software online. Here are some popular ones: Pixlr, BeFunky, or Pic Monkey. Once you’ve created your image, you can upload the the look to professional printing companies like VistaPrint then, Overnight Prints, and Printrunner and they do the others for you.

These programs are very user friendly and they also offer their own editing program therefore you can use one of their premade layouts, or make your own design. You can also enlist the help of a Graphic Designer. Etsy has various skilled designers. Just do a search for price tags and you shall find all kinds of designs. Unless you see whatever you like you can also execute a seek out custom designs and also have a graphic designer create sometime unique for you.

I am a self taught graphic developer and one occasion I’ve created Facebook banners, Business Cards and prices for other sellers. That is another creative outlet for me so when time allows I really enjoying creating new designs. Traci Bonacorsi Johnson ordered these burlap motivated tags from Etsy. I design my very own price tags and business cards and send the data files to a print out shop in south Florida.

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44 for 1000 credit cards. Cay Donner Miller from Cay’s Place shared these cute tags. Customized online on ‘build a sign’ .have used vista print out also. Center part is for explanation of item. As well as the center is put by me where I will punch my gap, so when I’m in a hurry I enter the right place! I punch out the center just! Laura Conwell Reynolds of Sweet Sassafras shared these sweet tags.

I do mine through Vistaprint. 2 sided business credit cards. Some full size plus some I cut in half to make two smaller tags. Liza Ferrer in the Hidden Penny shared her nice tags and coordinating sign. I get my tags/business cards from Vista Print. Very reasonable and I customize so they come pre-printed with vendor number on the back.

I include short product description and sales price use raffia to connect tags on merchandise. I even acquired a sign designed to match the credit cards which is displayed in the booth. Easy and affordable with hardly any work. You can’t fail with Vista Print. Debra Nesbit has her girl design her tags and she’s them published at Vistaprint then.