Since This Post Is Being Read By You

Since This Post Is Being Read By You 1

For complete newbies, the WordPress dashboard looks a bit complicated. Among all the different menus, widgets, options and buttons, they have a hard time to figure out which thing does what. That’s the reason we have made a decision to create an in-depth guide of the WordPress dashboard for the beginners. After reading the tutorial, you shall have an obvious idea about the available options in the dashboard. You shall also know which option to use when and how to use them.

Since you are scanning this post, I am assuming that you already have WordPress installed in your website. Replace ‘yoursite’ with your actual domain name. You are in the web page Once, you’ll be asked to provide the password and username. Supply the details you used to install WordPress and click ‘Log In’. Hovering over your website name shall disclose a link to go to your site.

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  • Each pupil would need to have some type of computer or mobile device because of this to work effectively
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The next button will show how many unapproved responses are on your site. New’ button will let you create a fresh post, page, user, or media. We will discuss these things later in the tutorial. On the other side of the menu bar, you will see your username, which include separate links to edit your profile and log out.

On the remaining part of the dashboard, you shall find the menu club. We will discuss them shortly. Let’s concentrate on the widgets first. Except the welcome box, the rest of the widgets could be reduced by clicking the upwards arrow icon. It is also possible to cover up any widget. To do that, click ‘Screen Options’ button from the top-right corner.

Uncheck the widget you don’t want to see, and it will be hidden automatically. ‘At a Glance’ will display the number of posts and pages your website currently has. It’ll tell you how many feedback is there; the WordPress version and what theme are active presently. In the ‘Activity’ section, you shall find all the recent activities that took place in your website.

Besides the published posts, you will notice a list of the five latest comments also. You can reply, edit, delete, approve, or disapprove them from the widget. The ‘Quick Draft’ widget will what it appears like; you are allowed because of it to save lots of draft posts right from the widget, hence the name.