The Tax Treatment Of Entertaining & Gift Giving

The Tax Treatment Of Entertaining & Gift Giving 1

Let’s go through the taxes treatment of stating thanks to customers and personnel typically with gifts, wining, and dining. We’ve been asked ‘why only 50% deductible? Apparently it’s because we get some personal pleasure or reap the benefits of quaffing wine and tucking into a steak (too right!). In lieu of a Christmas party you may give your employees restaurant vouchers to use at their discretion.

300 per worker per quarter (a minimum exemption can apply). The same treatment pertains to staff gifts, again completely deductible but subject to FBT under the ‘other benefits’ category. As being a thank you gesture many companies give their customers presents during the festive season. The expense of the gifts is fully taxes deductible as marketing and advertising expenses. Many companies pay their staff a Christmas cash bonus.

Popular Internet networking groups include sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Yahoo! Hiring generally starts with an employer reaching out to potential employees. Personal networking plays an integral role in appealing to people who not need applied normally. The tendency of personal contacts to attract qualified applicants is contingent on a reputation factor.

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When a referrer is known by the company, the applicant is a good match usually, as the referrer is placing his/her own reputation at risk to recommend the applicant. Among the major mistakes dedicated when networking is not acting on the network. The network is live and better if the majority of its participants contribute regularly always. The essence or success of a social networking initiative is based on its members’ networking ability, which leads to newer/better initiatives and thought processes.

While it is easy to get, and objectively verify, low-bandwidth information such as education, salaries, and credentials using job portals and other process-oriented methods, high-bandwidth information, which includes personal motivation and characteristics, are difficult to objectively verify. Personal networking brings an employer nearer to this high-bandwidth information. Companies are constantly fighting in the pugilative battle for talent and taking a look at employable skills. A thorough talent management strategy is essential in retaining your staff. Part of the is well structure performance management.

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