How-to: Successfully Install Kinect On Windows (OpenNI And NITE)

How-to: Successfully Install Kinect On Windows (OpenNI And NITE) 1

The website will be up-to-date with the latest SDKs and receptors. Playing Kinect video games is a great experience really. Programming for Kinect is better even! Browsing the web, you can find many cool “hacks” (CLNUI, OpenKinect) which allow Kinect be used by a PC rather than an XBOX. Via these hacks, we access Kinect’s camcorders (color and depth), LED, accelerometer, and motor. Obtaining both raw and the depth image, it is simpler to build Machine Vision applications.

But the main problem remains: Kinect magic is its software and the device just can’t give people those body-tracking algorithms alone. Fortunately, PrimeSense, the ongoing company behind Kinect, released OpenNI construction and NITE middleware. Which means that we can have access to features such as real-time skeleton tracking now, gesture recognition, wave detection, and much more! OpenNI and NITE set up can be painful if not done properly. Uninstall any previews drivers, such as CLNUI. Go through the end of the post if you would like to observe how you could have multiple motorists installed. Download Kinect unzip and Drivers. Open the unzipped folder and navigate to the Bin folder.

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Run the msi Windows file. Motorists are installed in your personal computer now. Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Binaries from OpenNI website. Download and set up the latest steady or unstable OpenNI Compliant Middleware Binaries (NITE) from OpenNI website. Download and install the latest stable or unpredictable OpenNI Compliant Hardware Binaries from OpenNI website.

Both steady and unstable releases have worked for me personally. If you have trouble installing the unstable produces, just try the steady ones. Plug in your Kinect device and connect its USB port with your PC. Wait before drivers software is applied and found. Navigate to the Device Manager (Control Panel).

Release) and try out the existing demonstration applications. Release), too. If they properly work, you are done then! You have installed Kinect in your Windows PC effectively! Read the documentation and become acquainted with the OpenNI and NITE API. OpenNI is the principal assembly you will need when developing Natural User Interfaces applications. Data with the corresponding ones found here. If the demos do not run, then navigate to the Control Panel and open the surroundings Variables panel. Thanks to my pal George Karakatsiotis (@erevodifwntas), you can now have various Kinect motorists installed concurrently. Right click Kinect Camera under PrimeSensor. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and “I want to pick from a list of device motorists on my computer”. Choose the drivers of your choice (e.g. CLNUI).

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