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U.S. Marshals Service, Career Opportunities, Fitness Standards 1

There are two different fitness tests. The first test is the Physical Assessment Test (PAT) that contains an obstacle course requiring the conclusion of seven duties within three minutes and 38 mere seconds. This test is conducted at working out Division. The DUSM Candidate will be required to pass the ultimate PAT to graduate Basic Deputy US Marshal (BDUSM) Training.

The second test is the Physical Fitness Test Battery (PFTB). This test includes 4 specific assessments (1.5-mile run, Absolute Bench Press, Illinois Agility Ensures that you Grip Strength Test) and was created as a field-based assessment tool to predict PAT performance. The results of every assessment are got into an established formula that calculates a predictive time for PAT performance. Once again, three minutes and 38 seconds are the minimal time to pass. This score must be achieved within 90 days prior to going to BDUSM Training. Applicants who do not meet up with the 3:38 score will have failed the PFTB, and though they will have a chance to remediate at a later date, they need to retake the entire PFTB.

Encumbents must take and pass the PFTB bi-annually for the duration of their professions. Most applicants will not have usage of the dynamometer hand grip machine and/or might not be able to set up for the Illinois Agility Test, and this is no problem. By cross-referencing their results from the 1.5-Mile Run (1.5-MR) and the Absolute Bench Press (APB), candidates are able to see if they will be successful at moving the PFTB using the PFTB Quick Score Chart and Instructions below.

The 1.5-MR column, on the left side of the graph, is measured in minutes, this means applicants should round off their time to the nearest full minute. The ABP, which appears across the bottom of the graph, should be rounded off to the nearest 25 pounds. To find out your estimated PAT time, as well as whether or not you have a good chance of transferring, find the row of your 1.5-MR time and the column for your ABP. Where they intersect you will find your expected PAT time and the shading in the Quick Score Chart enables you to know your probability of passing the PAT.

EXAMPLE: Have a subject who runs the 1.5-MR in 12 minutes and 18 seconds and has an ABP of 170 pounds. Since 12 minutes and 18 mere seconds is curved to 12 minutes for the 1.5-MR and 170 pounds is rounded to 175 pounds, where in fact the 12-minute row and the 175-pound column intersect are the subject’s predicted time on the PAT. With this example it would be 2:46 (2 minutes, 46 secs), and it is shaded green, which means based on the tale to the right of the table, the subject has at least a 95% possibility of transferring the PAT. This can be translated to mean that the topic has a very good chance to complete.

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