Miss Witkowski’s Computer Science Discoveries Class

Miss Witkowski's Computer Science Discoveries Class 1

BEFORE LUNCH- Please help one another! 1. We are focusing on Questions 22 and 23 today. Read pages 334 to 336 in your textbook. 2. Type one word definitions (see definitions in book-functional plan, schedule, standard, and then choose either functional budget or procedure) for Question 22 Explain the 4-Management Tools.

You will do the second part of the question “and exactly how you’ll use one of them.” after doing the experience below. 3. Type “brief” meanings for Question 23 Explain what the 7-Technology Tools (Software) are. You can do the second area of the question “and why they would help your business.” after doing the activity below. 5. Click on the 42-app control keys (icons) and read the short one-word descriptions of every app that’s right below the pictures of the app. See whiteboard, I taped up circled application control keys. 6. Choose hands down the 42 apps to help you with Project question 22 The 4-Management Tools.

Screen print the picture of the app (duplicate the URL for the citation) and clarify how this app can help with one of the 4 management tools. 7. Choose 3 of the 42 applications to help you with Project question 23 Explain how 3 of the 7-technology tools (software) can assist you with your business. Screen print out the pictures of the apps (copy the URLs for the citation) and explain how these apps relate to 3 of the 7-technology tools (software).

Each student will choose a Federal government agency or regulation (teacher has plastic material baggie with agencies/laws) to give a 60-second verbal display of Government or Non-Goverment consumer business or legislation or regulation. There are just 22 items so Kenny and Austin interact using one and Jon with a student of his choice to work together on one.

1. Students will draw the name of a Government or Non-Goverment consumer business or a law or rules. 2. Students will read the 1 slip description of their choice on the two 2. 05 PowerPoint in the Student Docs under Principles of Business. 3. Students will go directly to the internet search engine of their choice (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

  • How would we handle the existing processes if we were a new company
  • Clear targets make or break partnerships
  • The number of people in the LLC changes from an individual member to more than one member
  • Businesses that normally operate with four or less employees (including the owner)
  • Is there a concentrate on root cause analysis
  • Can be duplicated at a Secretary of State facility for the appropriate charge, if lost or stolen

They will type in their choice and the main element term “history” for example “FTC history”. They’ll learn how it was started. 4. Students will go to the “information” tab and discover 2 interesting headlines about their choice. 5. Students will practice their 60-second display. The order of the items (basic explanation, news items, and exactly how started) is the student’s choice. See slides 32 to 36 as a guide.

Government Protection Introduction- How did it get started? 1. Browse the basic slide information. 2. Explain how it was or began started. BEFORE you begin taking a look at slides 31-36.They are a good example of the items to be included in your presentation. Basic Explanation- You can tell the student examined the materials.