Nuband Activity And Sleep Tracker

Nuband Activity And Sleep Tracker 1

I’m here again with an assessment of one of the latest devices to help you with your quest for health and fitness! I’ve been using this tracker now for a couple weeks so will give you my results in areas below. The Nubandis an innovative piece of technology perfect for those with a dynamic lifestyle, wanting to enhance their energetic anyone or lifestyle wanting to get energetic. The band comes in a good, simple pack that is simple to open with even simpler instructions to get right up and running.

The band is of oval shape with a rubberised case so it’s nice and secure on the wrist and appearance good. The music group comes with an accelerometer built into it to help monitor whether you are awake or sleeping, which is handy as sleep is massively very important to your health so is essential to know these details in order to make improvements.

As with most fitness rings it can tell when you are walking or operating while recording the distance you have covered as well as the calorie consumption you have burned due to the intensity of your exercise. This is all present in a convenient app that is easy to use and read the information, you upload the info collected by the band via the speaker jack.

The band syncs to the application and records all the information from the last 28 days. This is useful to reflect on so you can transform your work out, walking or sleeping design for better results. For extra motivation you can share this data with your friends on tweets and Facebook! Plus there’s a silent alarm (vibrate) on the actual band to wake you up in the morning so you shouldn’t sleep in any more either now.

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