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  • Add several tablespoons to a warm shower for softened epidermis and delightful aroma
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Instead of waiting for those pimples or fine lines to seem before you treat them, think about preserving the ongoing health of your skin layer now. Who says that being proactive is vital. That means using products like sunscreen before your skin is broken. In life, being constant is the main element to doing things well and that applies to your skin layer care routine, too. Which means cleaning your face on those evenings when you can barely lift your hands. This means offering your products plenty of time to work also. If you’re constantly switching from one thing to another, you’re not giving products ample time for you to do their job.

You’ve probably found out that mixing perfume doesn’t always produce the best results and it’s the same with skin care. Cho cautions that you don’t want to mix supplement C with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) because they can interact and cause discomfort. Remember that when it comes to non-Korean beauty products, too. Most places that are good for Instagram toned lays aren’t well suited for storing your skin care products.

Cho clarifies that it’s best to store your products in cool areas where they’ll not be exposed to direct sunlight. Which means no shower stalls or sunlit vanities. Direct sunlight publicity causes products to fluctuate in heat range, which can reduce their strength. Cho cautions that is true with products made up of vitamin C especially, retinol or benzoyl peroxide. She suggests storing skin care products inside a cabinet, drawer, or perhaps a lidded box. You can even keep products containing vitamin C in the fridge. Cho says that helps maintain the vitamins from breaking down or oxygenating, which can transform the method potentially.

With one way too many websites out there stating this & that about aesthetic ingredients, it’s difficult to find a trusted source. This Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary also runs by Beautypedia or Paula’s Choice is my go-to, trustworthy resource. Just like Beautypedia, they attract from scientific research and rate elements using the same poor, average, good, and best scale.