Isibaya Teasers July 2019

Isibaya Teasers July 2019 1

The shows and TV Teasers for Isibaya in the month of December see all the next episodes. Don’t miss the year of Isibaya. Qaphela and Judas face one another at last and one of them must die. While Ntwenhle enjoys her father’s wedding gift, Mandla panics at the very thought of his little girl with her hubby only. Beauty puts on a brave face, but the choice Judas has made on her behalf is troublesome. Ntwenhle encounters her first test, impresses her elders and makes a new friend. Phumelele’s and Sibongile different views of Fenyang cause strife. Cebisile fears the damage Fezile may cause.

While Khanyi schemes to secure herself a location in the Chieftaincy, Qondi and Mabuyi take a wager on Ntwenhle. Fezile returns to Johannesburg to face the music. Beauty’s humiliation leads to a surprising revelation that devastates Lillian. Fearful that he could all damage them, Cebisile exams Fezile. A furious Lillian desires Judas and his family out of her house and Jerry requires matters into his own hands. Ntwenhle and the chieftaincy get tragic news. Ntwenhle struggles to cope with her first crisis as mother of the valley. Fezile helps it be clear he selects Sengwayo over Cebisile. Sibongile’s tries to control Fezile backfire and create higher pressure even. Qaphela and Saddam rush to save lots of Jerry.

The recent tragedy places Qondi in a hard place and leaves Ntwenhle psychologically drained. Qaphela comes clean to Lillian about Zwide’s death. Ntwenhle trips the scene of the incident. Sibongile considers telling Mpiyakhe about Phumelele and Fenyang. Fezile and Fenyang finally meet and Fenyang pushes all Fezile’s buttons. Beauty faces the brutal reality of her mother’s insufficient forgiveness.

Khanyi and Mandla step in when Ntwenhle runs from her responsibilities. Fenyang grills Fezile and the Zungu’s strongman digs deep to demonstrate his metallic. Ntwenhle combines strength and gentleness to support the grieving parents and Beauty makes Judas to produce a shocking and brutal choice. Mpiyakhe is amazed by the arrival of a surprising new cellmate unpleasantly. Ngwebedla puts Qondi in a difficult position when he presses the council to deal firmly with the individuals responsible for the tragedy. Phumelele and Sibongile navigate the tensions to be a Zungu wife.

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There is never a dull minute when two sworn opponents are stuck posting the same cell. S’bu starts a can of worms when he discovers how many of the institution Transport taxis aren’t roadworthy. Sibongile worries Judas might be behind what is taking place to her hubby. Qaphela is forced to deal with dangerous new enemies.

Samson and S’bu dread the consequences of their activities, if they do the actual chieftaincy has asked. Sibongile and Fezile confront Judas and Beauty. Phumelele steps directly into help Fenyang with a domestic problem. Sibongile applies pressure on Beauty, Beauty applies pressure on Judas and the pressure on the chieftaincy to resolve the transportation problem increases. Qaphela’s unwillingness to flex to pressure leads to dramatic results. Fenyang’s center melts when the effect sometimes appears by him Phumelele has on his girl. Mpiyakhe has his own known reasons for seeking to help, but Qaphela demands he stay out of his business. Phumelele offers Malaika advice before Malaika’s mother arrives at Protea. Mpiyakhe realizes he must protect what he hates.

Samson amazing things how much they can risk to help Ntwenhle. The cost of Mpiyakhe’s trial places the Zungu under pressure while Phumelele starts to feel progressively insecure. Phumelele discovers herself in deep cries and drinking water for help. Qaphela won’t require help – and pays the purchase price. S’bu and Samson get some support, but at a cost.

Mabuyi seems prepared to give up her dream. Prison walls breakdown obstacles between sworn foes. Exaggerated stories make a hill out of the molehill. Mkabayi transmits people trying to find buried treasure. Mkabayi provides the cash they frantically need, but Phumelele’s problems are from over much. Mandla refuses to listens and causes Ntwenhle more problems and Qaphela’s refusal to bend means he could end up broken.

Mpiyakhe steps up to help Qaphela, but it comes at a price and Mpiyakhe does not know the entire story still. Ntwenhle confronts Mandla, not knowing Mbodla is planning his revenge already. Phumelele makes a huge mistake with Mkabayi’s money. Mbodla requires his revenge, but Mandla is quick to retaliate.

Qaphela’s real reason behind being where he is, is uncovered. Mabuyi makes a life changing choice. Financial realities drive the Zungus’ to consider a new legal plan. Mbodla reaps the consequences of his actions. Mabuyi happens unexpectedly at Club Sheba. The press sniff a whole story and descend on Bhubesini, leading to problems.