The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

The Creation Of Beauty Is Art 1

There are certain products I’ve passed over time and time again. It’s true in Sephora and it’s true in my own local drugstore. For reasons unknown, they just caught my attention never. Or possibly I assumed they wouldn’t be any good. That happened to me with the NYC Individual Eyes eyeshadow palettes. I never even gave them a second look.

Then I listened to a few beauty bloggers and gurus talking about how precisely good these were. I got definitely pleased to listen to it! So, I went to the drugstore and picked up one of the palettes. I had been a hesitant at first. The colors were nice and I found the consistency to be smooth quiet.

The set I always picked up was made for brown eyes. Now, I don’t have brown sight, but I really do have a major love affair with brownish eyeshadow shades. I just thought it seemed nicer than the other two palettes they had on the market! This NYC palette was included with four eye shadows, one eyeshadow primer, and a cream highlight.

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Here is a closer look at the specific – and the swatches! That you can above see from the picture, this set includes: an off-white eyeshadow, a light dark brown, a deeper shimmery dark brown, and a maroon cover from the sun. I found the pigmentation to be very good. It was super convenient that the primer was right in the set there. I always find those little extras come in handy – particularly when you’re in a rush or you’re traveling somewhere.

My favorite part of this overall NYC eyeshadow palette? That cream showcase. Shockingly enough, it works wonders! It’s white and shimmery and provides a complete pop to the interior corner. Layer on the lightest eyeshadow hue and you’re good to go. I love it absolutely! Actually, I find myself with it even when I’m not having a look with this eyeshadow palette. Definitely the stand out for me personally.

Want to start to see the palette in action? Overall, I got pleasantly surprised by how good this NYC Individual Eye’s palette was. The moorings were good quality and combined well, the extras were wonderful, and it created a good finished product. I would definitely recommend picking right up one of these packages and adding it to your makeup collection! What do you consider of the NYC palette? Do you own anything out of this brand?

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